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by Heather Winfrey on MagicKitchen.com Reviews
Thank You!

I wanted to thank Magic Kitchen for making it so easy to order meals for my mom. She lives far from me, so I am unable to help her with cooking renal friendly meals. The MagicKitchen website is completely user-friendly and offers such a variety of meals! This is the one way I can help my mom out, and I am so grateful that MagicKitchen offers a wonderful meal service no matter where you live!

by Elizabeth J. Bradford on MagicKitchen.com Reviews
New May 2016 Order

I had not been feeling well for the last three days and was feeling sorry for myself. I cannot figure out why I am so worn out lately, no strength. However, I needed to place an order so I called Magic Kitchen now. One ring and I heard this happy fresh ladys' voice greeting me and welcoming me for telephoning Magic Kitchen. Well, she had me on the first sentence. I could feel my wrinkled forehead - unwinding and I felt a comfort smile starting on my lips. I had notes on what I thought I wanted and questions with the notes where appropriate. I asked her name and she replied with her first name and I am ashamed to say I did not write it down so I do not remember it today. We talked about the items being ordered like we were friends of over ten years. She shared her tips with me and I shared mine with her. All of my questions were answered and when we closed our conversation--I felt a little sad that it was over. It's JUST SUPER GREAT to have some one sound happy and satisfied on the telephone when placing an order and uplifted my spirits...to erase stress lines. Thank You it was a great experience. The gal that took my order must have a wonderful job and family and she will forever reap the benefits. I thank HER very much. E.J.Bradford

I can finally eat again

With a paralyzed stomach is so hard to eat and keep weight on, I was down to 80 pounds and felt like I was slowly starving to death. I can't bear to smell food cooking because it nauseates me, so I found Magic Kitchen and their soups and breads are wonderful. No preservatives or fillers, just real food that actually stays down. I am so grateful to be able to have food I can finally eat, and hope I will start picking up weight now. The soups are delicious and smell that way warming up too. You can add your own salt and pepper, and the consistency is perfect for my condition, I can part of it and save the rest for later. Before we had to throw out so much food because I just couldn't eat without being in tremendous pain. No one can even imagine how horrible it is to have this illness and want to eat and be so hungry all the time but knowing if you eat you will be sick for hours and hours. Thank you Magic Kitchen. I won't be able to keep purchasing because I am on a limited small income but for the past few weeks it has been heaven being able to eat good food again. You have my gratitude and thanks to you and your wonderful chef's for giving me this reprieve from being so darn hungry it hurts. THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU!!!!

by Wayne Brandt on MagicKitchen.com Reviews
Have only tried three so far

First two were good. Third not so good. It was the "sweet & sour stir fry". Not good would recommend a replacement.

Wayne, we are happy to send you a replacement for that meal and we are sorry that it wasn’t to your liking, but we are glad there were some that were good!


I have so many health problems from heart. to needing low sodium, renal diets etc.. that its nice to be able to pick individual meals. your prices are excellent for what you offer and the free shipping and discounts you give are wonderful. Thank you so much.. it's wonderful to be able sit down and eat and know I won't get sick because of too much sodium. God bless you. Hope you keep coming up with new recipes for these menus. I would like to more lower sodium soups without a lot of tomato in them as with gastroparesis, I can't have the tomato d/t the acid in them.. Sincerely, LInda

by ingrid center on MagicKitchen.com Reviews

Way better than flowers for a family facing a serious illness together.

Got the meal packs for diabetics for my brother and he loves the food . So far great service

by keith funderburk on MagicKitchen.com Reviews
magi kitchen

the magic kitchen has been a god send for me and my family i live in fl my mom lives in Louisiana i was worried about her getting good food to eat until i found magic kitchen she loves the food and convenience the weight is off my shoulders thank you magic kitchen we will definitely be shopping here again


The carrot-zucchini muffins our the best i have ever eaten. My mother made them home-made and these were even better. I eat for breakfast with a little lite cream cheese or butter or a snack. I am going to order again and again with my weekly orders.

Great Service

Our boss is going through some medical problems right now and has been in and out of the hospital. All of us here at the office pooled money together to buy her several meals. She loved them so much that we ended up ordering more for her Christmas present and will also be ordering for her birthday as well.

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